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The dICO dApp Is Now Available!

The dICO dApp Is Now Available!

Wow what a milestone and thank you all so much for your continued patience, support and enthusiasm. It is truly inspiring that together we are working to usher a new era of secure and borderless cryptocurrency payment.

Today’s big news is the dApp is here and looking great!

The Blocnation dICO dApp is a completely decentralized peer-to-peer crowdfunding application. The dApp is very similar to a multi-currency wallet yet it allows you to trade (swap) your KMD, BTC, or QTUM for BNTN directly from within the wallet. Enabling us to crowdfund without the risk of a third party and for you to participate while maintaining complete control of your funds and private keys.

The dICO dApp is designed so that the funds only transfer directly from Blocnation and the end user.

Now you are free to use either the easy to use webapp or the dApp to purchase BNTN.

The dApp is a simple to use application, but be sure to watch the video guide above and/or work through the dApp tutorial guide so that you are familiar with the steps. The first stage is well underway and you can pick up your BNTN for 0.14 cents when using $KMD. Click the dApp button below to download:

Blocnation are committed to creating a new standard in digital payments and this is the first of many steps toward towards total financial inclusion. For the millions attending and organizing events and those unserved by traditional finance systems, the future is looking bright.

If you have any questions feel free to join the Blocnation telegram group

Or message us at