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New Partnership Announcement

First event partner!

First event partner!

Blocnation has the pleasure to announce its first client, This will take place July 16-17, 2018 in Manila, Philippines. About Innovation requires integration. This is why we created Ignite, a celebration of ideas that integrates the power of established corporations and promise of exciting innovations. Ignite 2018 is a two day event that […]

About Blocnation

Blocnation will be utilized throughout Southeast Asia.



across Asia



SGD Transactions



Across Asia



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Blocnation Powered By PouchNATION

Utilizing the (BNTN) Token

The Blocnation Token (BNTN) will be utilized throughout Southeast Asia’s leading cashless payment community of events and venues, PouchNATION. The Blocnation app features include altcoin holding, atomic & etomic swaps, acquiring of event tickets, hostel booking, cashless top up and cashback.

Why we chose Komodo?

We choose Komodo for three reasons. First, they offer us the ability to have our own independent and highly scalable blockchain. Second, Komodo offers us the strongest level of security, providing our guest management platform with borderless and decentralized pay options. Third, Komodo allows us to perform a truly decentralized crowdfund.

Major Partner

VBH hostels have set the benchmark in the Backpacker business in Vietnam. We believe providing our customers with the opportunity to pay in BlocNation Tokens strengthens our position as one of the world’s leading Backpacker hostel chains. We offer quality products and unique experiences and our partnership with BlocNation amplifies this Vision.

Powered by PouchNATION

PouchNATION, established in 2012, offers event organisers and hostels an end-to-end guest management platform for audiences ranging in size from 3,000-150,000 people. PouchNATION helps their clients manage the guest experience from onset to completion, including responsibilities such as ticketing, registration, cashless payments, access control, social media engagement, brand activations, data and merchant management.

Recent Events

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Vietnam Backpacker Hostels

Bali Marathon

Beerfest Asia

Paradise Music Festival

Brewfest Manila

Jack Daniel's Indiefest

Plus Six Three Music Festival

Tafisa Games Jakarta


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15 JAN

Blocnation Concept is born

The initial discussions to propel Pouch Nation forward and experiment with blockchain technology began at boardroom level. The BlocNation concept was born.

15 FEB

Concept Validated

After in depth talks with many blockchain advisors and focus groups, the blockchain venture was validated.

21 FEB

Komodo Partnership

After sifting through a number of ICO platforms, we selected Komodo as our preferred partner.

28 FEB

PouchNATION partnership

Pouchnation partnership established for first event, Blocnation Launch Party with ZEDD.


Announcement Website

We successfully announced our plans via our temporary announcement website.

28 MAR

White Paper Published

Final version of the Whitepaper will be released to the public.

30 MAR

Full Website Launched

A comprehensive BlocNATION website will be launched, allowing people to get a greater understanding of the business model and fund raising details.

13 April

Blocnation Launch Party

Headlinging ZEDD, Partnered with Cove Manila

24 April

New Partnership

Vietnam Backpacker Hostels to accept BNTN Token

03 May

Token Sale Begins

The World’s first ever dICO will be hosted on the Komodo Platform, and the BNTN Token sale will commence.

Our Initial Team

Our team of professionals is expected to increase over the coming weeks

Graeme Perkins


As a founder of several businesses over the years, Graeme has been a student of all business aspects. Leadership in PouchNATION’s Marketing, business development and relationship management introduced cashless payments to hundreds of thousands of people across southeast asia solidifying its position as market leader.

Gino Jacinto

COO & Legal Director

Background in Law, Leadership & Strategy, and Corporate Acquisitions & Mergers. Spearheaded PouchNATION’s Southeast Asian expansion and opened the business to a new pool of clients therefore establishing the company as the region’s market leader

Ben Fairbank

Senior Advisor

Over 20 years of global experience in the Telecommunications, Customer Experience and Contact Centre industry and more than 12 years experience in Senior Management. Experienced in UK, Asia Pacific, Middle East and South African markets. Proven CEO and C level Executive.

Reuben Yap

Crypto Advisor

Chief Operating Officer at Zcoin

Jay Fajardo

Business Advisor

CEO/CTO at Proudcloud, CEO at Launchgarage, CTO at MEDIFI

Matt Francis

Industry Advisor

General Manager, Lynwen Concepts

Prasad Vanga

Finance & Expansion Advisor

Founder and CEO at Anthill

Tim Bukher

Legal Strategy Advisor

Founding partner of Thompson Bukher LLP, Corporate Lawyer and Blockchain Entrepreneur

Thomas Gorissen

Technology Advisor

Web Platform Consultant and Event Organiser

Jefrey Joe

Finance Strategy Advisor

Technology Investor and Entrepreneur, Co Founder & Managing Partner Alpha JWC Ventures

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions below

The Blocnation Token (BNTN) will be utilized throughout Southeast Asia’s leading cashless payment community of events and venues, PouchNATION. The Blocnation app features include altcoin holding, atomic & etomic swaps, acquiring of event tickets, hostel booking, cashless top up, and cash-back.

No, Blocnation operates on its own decentralized blockchain powered by Komodo. Allowing for both BTC and ETH transactions.

PouchNATION is the leading cashless payment and brand activations solution in Southeast Asia. Established in 2012 and currently holds offices in Singapore, Philippines, Jakarta, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.

BNTN token will be the utility token of PouchNATION’s community of cashless events and venues.

Participate now! The Blocnation dICO went live on May 3

BNTN Token will be available for purchase using the Blocnation dICO app.. Exchanges where BNTN will be available will be announced at a later date.

When participating in the Blocnation dICO you wont need to wait months to receive your coins like most ICO’s. Your BNTN will be in your wallet within 24hrs!
Using the Webapp, swaps are processed in batches. So after you have clicked “Participate in dICO” your BNTN will be reflected in your wallet within a maximum of 24 hours depending on the volume of users and when the atomic swap is triggered.
With the dICO app your BNTN will be received directly to your wallet as soon as the swap is completed.

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